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Experienced, certified and friendly !

We are proud of our staff. Together we have worked for all the companies out there, and we know what works. Every person brings a unique personality to the team. They are the reason why your trip will be so much fun. Want to know them?

  • Martin Bertrand

     Owner, 17 years of whitewater experience. Works as a teacher in is real life but lives a sureal life as a rafting guide on the Ottawa River.  One of very few guides in Canada with an IRF (international rafting federation ) class 4-5 guide-trip leader-instructor certification. 

  • Alix
    • Family rafting Trip leader
    • Started rafting at 13 month old
    • Known as Daddy's little girl
  • Alex
    • Algonquin Outdoor Adventure Program Graduate
    • Anyone say "PARTY!?"
    • Loves Whitewater Kayaking 
  • Addie
    • This chica can definitely keep up with the guys
    • Passionate about white water kayaking and ice cream
    • Cannot sit still for too long or will fall asleep
  • Chris
    • Enrolled in the Adventure Tourism Program in Gaspésie
    • Adrenaline junkie
    • Moves like no one else on a slackline AND dance floor!
  • Marc
    • Outdoor Adventure program student
    • Can serenade you on his guitar
    • Always up to date on the latest news
  • Gabrielle Thompson

    Office Goddess here to offer you Xceptionnal customer service and help the business run Xtra smoothly.

    Ambassador for Calavera Swimwear!

    Other Interesting ability: Pole Dancing


  • Isabelle Gagnon

    Isabelle has been with HorizonX since the very beginning and remains 110% dedicated.

    Cheerful and like no other, she shines in all that she undertakes.

    She will make you feel right at home...

  • Daniel Sanchez
    • Full time teacher
    • Part time rafting guide
    • Some times good looking boy
  • Tom Paterson
    • Horizon X Riverboard specialist
    • Sponsored by Facelevel indutries 
    • Probably the worlds best rodeo riverboarder...
  • Nick
    • Loves Carebears and pink hearts
    • Favorite activity: walking on the beach at sunset
    • Graduate of the Algonquin outdoor adventure program


Alright, this is one of the many ways HorizonX sets itself apart from the rest. Our fleet of Maravia rafts are the sport cars of rafting. Our little red Ferraris are fast, stable and constructed of the best material. Plus with it's diminished tube technology they can pierce through the toughest whitewater.

Let's face it, some companies use big "bus" type rafts that hold from 10-14 people. Even though they are more cost effective for them; you are cheated out of a great river trip. Some even use big black rafts referred to as bucket boats, they weigh a ton and you have to take the water out with a bucket.

This is why HorizonX is the only company with a guarantee:

We will not put you in any raft other than our little Maravia Diablo 6-7 pers. Self bailing boats. Guaranteed!!!

The Maravia Diablo: One hot little Devil !


We believe that it is the small things that make your trip that more special. That is why HorizonX brings you more than just a rafting trip, we bring you a unique Xperience. All our trips include base camp activities such as:

Small groups max 42 people
Small boats
No hidden cost
Everything included

Beach activities
Canoes and kayaks
Beach volleyball
Horseshoe and ball games

Daily shuttles from the Ottawa-Gatineau region available for groups and hotel guests.

HorizonX green program

Get free photos if you carpool to our base camp to the best ratio for you group. Horizon X is the only company in the rafting industry to offer carpool incentives.

Most of our guests are from Ottawa and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). This means that our guests travel on average 200 to 1000 km from their homes to our base camp and back. Most people carpool between them to a ratio of 2 persons per vehicle. So do the math, this is a lot of GHG sent into our atmosphere. We can all do better and here is how Hx will help:

Our numbers are based on groups of 7 (one boat). Most cars hold easily 4 people plus luggage. So for a group of 7 people you should, in theory, need no more than 2 vehicles or less. We understand that not everyone lives in the same area but if we are to make an impact we have to make certain compromises that require some imagination.

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